Core ingredients

When it comes to blogging practices, the specialists in this field are obviously bloggers themselves. One of these is Liz Strauss, who has a blog about blogging, which helps companies and individuals to fine-tune their social media and blogs.

Liz also has posts from other writers on her blog, one of which is written by Rahil, who is an online entrepreneur and part-time blogger. I found this post particularly interesting as he mentions the core ingredients of an interesting blog. These are the following:

Updated information – No matter what the subject is, keep your audience updated. Developments need to be mentioned in order to keep an audience interested. Outdated blogs are by definition not worth following.

Food for thought – Not only keep your readers updated, also give them something ‘to take home’: this can be something practical, such as useful information they can put into practice, or simply something to think about and reflect upon.

Humour – Write in an informal way (but don’t try to be a comedian), even when discussing the most serious or boring subjects. It makes a blog entertaining while at the same time interesting.

Personal Touch – You are not an objective journalist or reporter. Add a little of your own personality to your blog.

Controversy – If you feel your blog is becoming ‘plain’ or monotone, add a little controversy. This does not have to be anything radical, it can simply be a debunking of a common myth regarding the subject you write about.

For more details, read Rahil’s blog post


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